PRICKLES swaddle

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+ 100% organic cotton swaddle
+ Measures 120 x 120cm

So versatile... Can be used for many different purposes - a nice soft swaddle to make your little one feel safe and snug while they sleep, a nice soft towel to dry your little one off after their bath or can even be used as a blanket to lie on at the park or beach. Also work well for mum as a feeding cover or pram cover.

+ Machine wash on cold or low heat. Avoid washing together with anything containing buckles, clasps or velcro that could potentially snag your swaddle. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric we recommend using a washing bag to protect your swaddle and keep it snag-free.
+ Wash with like items and colours.
+ Can either be air dried or tumble dry on low.
+ Do not iron.
+ Wash before use. They will become softer each time your wash them!

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