Care + Safety

Are the teethers really safe for my baby to chew on? 
Definitely. Our teethers are made from non-toxic 100% food-grade silicone and are free from BPA & other yucky chemicals. Silicone is great as it doesn't support the growth of mould, bacteria or fungus. They have been laboratory tested & certified to global safety standards AS/NZS ISO 8124, FDA, LFGB, CPSIA, ASTM F963, EN71 and CE approved.

Important safety advice
+ Jewellery is intended for adults to wear so please do not put necklace around bub’s neck.
+ Do not leave teethers with bub unsupervised.
+ Please inspect teething products before use and discard if any part appears to be damaged.
+ In the interest of wear and tear teething products should be replaced after 6 months of use, contact us for a discounted replacement. Why? We can't guarantee the integrity or cleanliness of the product after 6 months.

How do I clean my necklace or teether? 
You can pop your all silicone teethers and necklaces into the top rack in your dishwasher - it's safe in temperatures up to 65 degrees. Otherwise, warm soapy water and an air dry will also do the trick! If your necklace contains wooden beads, wipe with a damp cloth and leave in sunlight to dry. Rub a little organic coconut oil onto the wooden beads to maintain their colour & texture. Please note, all necklaces and teething products containing wooden beads do not come pre-conditioned, therefore will turn a darker colour upon conditioning with coconut oil.

What does the necklace "drop" length refer to?
This is the length from one part of the clasp along the necklace to the other part of the clasp. If you'd like to figure out how low the necklace will hang, simply halve the drop length and there you have it.

How do I shorten my necklace?
It's pretty simple really - undo the clasp, pull the cord through the end of the clasp (so that the clasp drops down the cord towards the beads), cut the cord just above where you would like your finished length to be (leave a little bit of length for the knot), tie a secure knot, pull the clasp back up to rest at the end of the cord, repeat with the other side. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me!